1973 – Chapter 1110

The 57th session of the Nevada legislative approved authorization to show public demonstration of acupuncture in the Nevada Legislative session.

See the excerpt below.

“Section 1.  The Senate Standing Committee on Health, Welfare and State Institutions is hereby authorized to arrange for a suitable demonstration of the virtues of the branch of Chinese medicine known as acupuncture during the 57th session of the legislature. The committee may designate one or more persons, suitably skilled in that art, to demonstrate its effects. The person or persons so designated may in turn select other consenting persons whose physical condition is such that the practice of acupuncture upon them is expected to be beneficial, and may for a suitable period of time, which shall be fixed by the committee, practice their art upon those persons.”

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Source: https://www.leg.state.nv.us/Statutes/57th/Stats197301.html#Stats197301_CH109