ACDC & OCA Las Vegas Mentorship Program

2020 Mentorship Application

Now Open Until October 31st, 2019


September 10th



October 31st



November 16th



December 6th


Program Overview

The 10th Annual ACDC & OCA Las Vegas Mentorship Program is an undergraduate mentorship program to help ensure that college students are career and community ready. Through the program, students will develop and learn valuable career and life skills from time management to leadership. During the program, mentees are connected to mentors in their field of study or interest. These mentors are working professionals and leaders in the Las Vegas community who will provide guidance and first-hand experience for students to understand pathways in their future career.
During the four-month program (January - May), students will be involved with special projects and unique workshops that will be focused on the following:
Communication Skills Social Responsibility
Team Dynamics Work, Academic, Life Balance, and Time Management
Resume and Mock interviews Mastering the Power of Networking

Since 2010

Over 70

Students Accepted


Students Graduated

Over 90

Mentors mentored in the program

Program Eligibility

To apply, students must be:

  1. Enrolled in an accredited university or college and pursuing their bachelor's degree or associate's degree.
  2. Any major is welcome to apply.
  3. Do not need to be of Asian American and Pacific Islander descent.



Past majors of students that have applied.

General Majors
Health Science

Why Apply?

See what past students have said after completing the program.

"Something that I've really taken from both of my mentors and the program was to say yes to any opportunity. In the beginning it was a no, but I gradually learned to take risks for opportunities"

-Mentee 2018

"I learned how to prioritize and balance work with my personal life through my mentors and the workshops in the program"

-Mentee 2016

"The mentors that I was connected to, have changed my view and pathway of my career that I could never have learn in school. After the mentorship program, they are always people that I rely on for guidance."

-Mentee 2014

About OCA Las Vegas

The mission of OCA Las Vegas is to advocate for the social, political, and economic well-being of Asian Pacific Americans in Southern Nevada. OCA Las Vegas promotes civic participation, education, and leadership development across the Asian Pacific American community.

About Asian Community Development Council

The mission of the Asian Community Development Council (ACDC) is to improve the general well-being and education of the Asian, Pacific Islander and other ethnic communities in Nevada. The ACDC will promote, foster, champion and advocate for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the greater Nevada community.