Five Reasons to Join OCA Las Vegas

OCA Las Vegas National Convention in Washington DC

At some point, you might have stumbled or heard about OCA – Asian Pacific American Advocates but are unsure what the non-profit organization does nor the benefits of becoming an OCA Las Vegas member. Therefore, here are five reasons why you should join OCA Las Vegas.

1.Build Your Professional Network

In Las Vegas, there’s over 10 different AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) or AANHPI (Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander) organizations that serve the Asian community for specific reasons. For OCA Las Vegas, the non-profit organization serves not just the specific needs of the Las Vegas Asian American community, but it is also a chapter organization. OCA is a larger network of various Asian American and Pacific Islander non-profit chapters around the United States serving specific needs for their own AAPI community with the overall focus on social justice and advocacy.

The OCA Las Vegas chapter consists of a wide variety of members from business professionals, college students, and high school members. Not only will you get involved with individuals in the Las Vegas Asian American and Pacific Islander community, but you will also get opportunities to network with over 50 OCA chapters across the nation. 

2.Opportunities to Travel

The OCA National Convention is held in a different location each year. If you are looking to travel and explore other cities, then the OCA National Convention is the perfect way for you to achieve this. Historically, the OCA National Convention is hosted by a specific OCA chapter from the west coast to the east coast.

Attending the OCA National Convention will also help you understand how other OCA chapters support the Asian American and Pacific Islander community, plus provides opportunities for you to meet with like-minded individuals who are passionate about supporting each other.

Many OCA chapters have built various Asian American and Pacific Islander community programs ranging from social advocacy training, community clean-up programs, and city & state legislative bills.

While Las Vegas can be a small Asian American and Pacific Islander community, there is a larger opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who are passionate in their work. 

3.Get Involved with Non-Profit Work

OCA Las Vegas was founded in 1996 and has since developed specific programs geared toward community building and youth engagement. The OCA Las Vegas mentorship program has been around for over 15 years, supporting high school students, college students, and young professionals and connecting them with mentors and networking opportunities. The OCA Las Vegas chapter is unique due to how it evolves with the current needs of the community are constantly changing.

OCA Las Vegas members have also helped the community through their non-profit work ranging from tax preparations, working with federal organizations for awareness workshops, and now producing Asian Night Market Las Vegas in collaboration with the Asian Community Development Council. 

4.Get Educated in Advocacy and Social Justice

In collaboration with the national OCA organization, OCA Las Vegas holds virtual workshops that provide its members opportunities to hear from experts who address social justice challenges within current climates in the United States.

During the pandemic, OCA National held several workshops addressing anti-Asian hate and mental wellness. Included in your OCA Las Vegas membership is access to discussions on social topics that impact you and your community in Las Vegas.

If advocacy or social justice isn’t something that you are familiar with in your current work and community environment, the knowledge that you can gain from experts who address these current issues impacting Asian American and Pacific Islander communities will allow you to be an advocate.

Furthermore, gaining outside knowledge helps build awareness of issues that may not be apparent in your network.

5.Support a Las Vegas Non-Profit Organization

Your membership through OCA Las Vegas helps fund the non-profit organizatio’s social justice, advocacy, and community building initiatives. While most non-profit organizations rely on grants and corporate sponsorships, the OCA Las Vegas chapter is supported by Las Vegas individuals.

Are you ready to become an advocate for the Asian American and Pacific Islander community? Start becoming an OCA member and purchasing your membership. Annual membership pricing starts as low as $10/year.