What does OCA Stand For?

OCA Las Vegas - Wins Project of the year at OCA National 2023

This is a common question that arises whenever someone searches for “OCA”. OCA isn’t an acronym but is a non-profit national organization focused on social justice and advocacy.

How OCA Started

In 1973, the founders of OCA – Asian Pacific American Advocates originally formed the organization to unify Chinese Americans to push for their civil rights after select historical events involving instances of “Asian Hate” that had arose in the United States. 

The name “OCA” previously stood for “Organization of Chinese Americans” to rally Chinese American communities.

One of the most known incidents that united many Asian American communities was Vincent Chin’s death in 1982. Vincent Chin’s death was due to racial discrimination and economic hardships and led a national movement advocating for social justice and the fight for representation and equal rights for the Asian American community. 

A membership based organization, OCA started with three chapters in Washington D.C., Detroit, and St. Louis. Today, the organization has grown to over 50 chapters across the county.

How OCA Has Changed

In 2013, OCA was rebranded from “Organization of Chinese Americans” to “OCA – Asian Pacific American Advocates”. The rebranding was due to the ongoing changes within the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, recognizing the work that OCA does impacts more than just Chinese American communities. 

How OCA Las Vegas Was Started

In 1996, several Las Vegas Asian American community leaders recognized a need to form a Las Vegas non-profit chapter organization under the OCA National organization. The Las Vegas Asian American community has since become the fastest growing population, based on a variety of data-collection sources.

APIA Vote has reported that since 2000 to 2020, there was a 167% population growth within the Asian American and Pacific Islander community, and it is still the fastest growing community year after year.

For over a decade, the OCA Las Vegas chapter has developed several programs as well as collaborated with national organizations to support the Las Vegas Asian American and Pacific Islander community.

One specific focus in OCA Las Vegas is youth empowerment. The non-profit organization’s mentorship program supports Asian American and Pacific Islander students and young professionals in the Las Vegas valley.

As the constant needs of the community change, so has the mission and vision of OCA Las Vegas. The organization continues to build programs and connects with experts to discuss and identify ongoing social issues impacting the Las Vegas Asian American and Pacific Islander community.

As a membership-based non-profit organization, OCA Las Vegas provides a variety of resources via online resources and workshops to keep members aware of social issues impacting the Las Vegas Asian American and Pacific Islander community.. These workshop topics are organized by the OCA National organization, the OCA Las Vegas chapter, and OCA Las Vegas’s partners in the community.

Become an OCA Member

Are you ready to become an advocate for the Asian American and Pacific Islander community? Start becoming an OCA member by purchasing your membership. Annual membership pricing starts as low as $10/year.