Application Deadline: Friday, May 3, 2024 at 11:59PM PT

Note: Your responses will NOT be autosaved if you refresh the application form, so please be sure to read all questions first and prepare your answers ahead of time. If you have any questions, contact info@ocalasvegas.org

    Applicant Information


    Essays and Short Answers

    Question 1: AAPI Focus (max words: 1000)

    In max 1,000 words, please write about an issue affecting the Las Vegas AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) community that you are passionate about addressing. Be sure to include the following aspects:

    • Provide background and historical context that may be helpful for the scholarship committee to know about this topic. If there are facts and statistics, please include them with appropriate sources.

    • Explain why you are passionate about this topic, and how it resonates with you. Feel free to add examples you’ve seen or experienced (if comfortable).

    • While many issues can’t be solved overnight, tell us about some ways this issue can be properly addressed or improved.

    • Be sure to tie in your commitment to the AAPI community and how you feel you can personally make an impact and/or help improve this issue in the future.

    Question 2: Academics & Career

    In max 200 words, please briefly describe your academic and career aspirations.

    Question 3: Community Service

    In max 200 words, describe how you have engaged in community service and volunteering.

    Question 4: Monetary Need

    In max 200 words, explain how this scholarship would benefit you as a student.


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    I understand if I am selected as a scholarship recipient, OCA Las Vegas can publicly disclose my name, school, city, state, and short bio on mediums such as the OCA Las Vegas website, social media channels, and other marketing communications. I also hereby give my consent to OCA Las Vegas to disclose information on my application to the sponsor of the scholarships and to contact me regarding the scholarship.