1879 – Chapter 18

The 9th session of the Nevada legislative requested the Governor to place on the next general election a vote by the people of Nevada to vote for or against Chinese immigration into Nevada.

See excerpt below.

Section 1.  That thirty days prior to the next general election in this State, the Governor shall issue his proclamation, calling upon the electors to signify at said election their will as to the continuance or prohibition of Chinese immigration, by placing upon their ballots the words, “For Chinese Immigration,” or the words, “Against Chinese Immigration;” and the inspectors, and the judges of election, at each and every poll in the State, shall ascertain and make returns of the number of votes cast “For Chinese Immigration,” and the number of votes cast “Against Chinese Immigration,” in like manner as other votes are required to be counted and returned, and an abstract thereof shall be transmitted by each county clerk in the State to the Secretary of State, in the same manner that votes for State officers are now required to be transmitted.

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